Luggage Restoration & Cleaning

Good quality luggage is worth keeping in great shape, and dragging it through airports and in and out of cars can get it pretty dirty. Regina Dry Cleaners can get your luggage looking great again.


How do you clean luggage?
Before you bring your luggage in, make sure you have emptied the interior and any pockets it may have. When we receive it, we will gently clean the exterior of the suitcase, and vacuum and clean the inside as well. We will also remove any odors that may have accumulated in your luggage.


Do you clean inside my suitcase pockets?
Yes. We will vacuum them out and wipe them down. This is why it’s very important that you double check all the pockets before you bring them in.


Is there a size limit to my luggage?
No. We clean all luggage by hand, so the size of the suitcase is not important.