Fur Cleaning

The most common problem with fur coats is that fur can become brittle over time as dirt, dust and other contaminants can settle into the fur and suck out the natural oils that keep your fur clothing soft and luxurious. Furs also easily absorb odors, like smoke and perfume. Fur clothing should be cleaned at least once per year.


Can you make my furs softer?
When Regina Dry Cleaners cleans your furs, we remove built up dirt and dust. This restores your fur clothing to its natural soft and supple condition and increases its longevity.


Will fur fall out during the cleaning?
Fur is more likely to fall out of a fur garment when the fur and leather base have dried out. Regular cleaning actually helps to prevent your garment from losing fur by keeping it from drying out.


Is my fur coat too heavy to clean?
While it’s true that attempting to clean heavy fur at home can lead to torn seams or other damage, we are professional cleaners here at Regina Dry Cleaners. You can trust that we have the experience and expertise to clean your coat without damaging it.